Fascinating Facts About The Human Body


The human body is fascinating and amazingly complex. There are various mind-boggling facts about the human body that shows how the complicated processes are carried out in our bodies every second. It is very useful to know the basics of the human body in order to keep our body working properly. The working of the human body is so mysterious that sometimes confuses even scientists and doctors. Some interesting facts about the human body are given in the points below.

  • The human brain has a memory capacity which is equal to about 4 terabytes of data on a hard drive.
  • There are more non-human cells in the body than human cells. These are mostly harmless bacteria cell which helps in digestion.
  • The total length of all the nerves in the human body is approximately equivalent to 75 kilometers.
  • The human body loses around 1 million skin cells every day. Thus, the human body loses 2 kilos skin cells every year.
  • Every second 100,000 chemical reactions occur in the human brain.
  • The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  • The size of the human heart is around the size of the person’s fist. The heart of an adult human weighs about 220 to 260 grams.
  • A human being uses 43 muscles when they frown, whereas only 17 muscles when they smile.
  • Human eyes remain the same size as they were at birth, but the ears and nose never stop growing.
  • The human body gives off a tiny amount of light which is too weak for eyes to see.
  • The salivary gland in our mouth produces about 1 liter of saliva every day.
  • Human beings are the only known species that are known to blush.
  • The middle ear is made of 3 small bones, out of which stapes is the smallest bone in the human body.
  • 80% of the human brain is composed of water.
  • The muscles in human eye move more than 100,000 times per day.
  • Humans take 5 to 30 seconds to chew food but swallowing the food takes about 10 seconds.
  • One drop of human blood contains 250 million cells and a healthy human liver processes around 720 liters of blood every day.
  • Type O is the most common type of blood group in humans.
  • The human blood is six times thicker than water and completes a complete circuit of the body every 1 minute.
  • The human brain is more active while sleeping than when we are awake.
  • If all the DNA in our body are uncoiled, it would stretch out to around 10 billion miles. That is the distance of Pluto from the Earth.
  • The human nose has the capability of distinguishing between 1 trillion different smells and the human eye can distinguish between 2.3 to 7.5 million different colors.

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